Literacy Coaching

Literacy coaching is about both the teacher’s and the children’s learning.

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are intertwined as coaches work with teachers to plan, reflect, and problem solve. Coaching includes sharing resources, setting up learning environments, stop-bys and informal check ins, and more formal conversations that include lesson planning sessions, modeling, co-teaching, observing, and reflection conversations.

Research shows that in schools where literacy coaches spend more time working directly with teachers, there were higher reading gains (L’Allier, et al, 2010).

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  1. karen oliver 
    karen oliver 

    Im an old timer to CLI….When I worked for Respond Inc out of North Camden CLI did a whole center workshop with us…Parents and teachers… Maybe in the 90s ???I retired from Respond 2002 I now work at The Beechwood School in Haddonfield with the Kindergarten I was looking for a live workshop I need 2 professional hours.

  2. Srividhya Ravi 
    Srividhya Ravi 

    Hello All, I am Srivi and I’m new to CLI. Awaiting for a great learning experience. Joining any group discussion or debate is my area of interest. Every teacher’s goal is higher reading gains, so do I. With lot’s of love and expectations to experience new learning.